Ippoh Tempura Bar by Ginza Ippoh – Osaka’s legendary tempura specialist with culinary traditions dating from 1850

From: Ippoh Tempura Bar by Ginza Ippoh


A fifth-generation member of the historical Ippoh Honten restaurant founding family in Osaka, Chef Masaru Seki has replicated Ippoh’s delicate Osaka-style tempura, together with its strict culinary traditions dating back from 1850, in Singapore.

For over 100 years, the Ippoh Honten kitchen has elevated tempura frying to an art form, cocooning each piece of fresh seafood in a gossamer-thin batter, before crisping it in a neutral-flavoured safflower oil from Northern California, which retains the integrity of the flavours. The batter is formed from a mixture of water, egg and flour, gently stirred so that it does not become too sticky, to ensure that the tempura is whisper-light for that coveted crunch.

From the use of strictly seasonal ingredients, and the precise temperature and type of oil, to the batter, each element is carefully considered to ensure that every piece of tempura is flawlessly prepared when fried to order, and served, piece by piece, alongside a delicate seasoning that complements the ingredients.

Pop by and experience the true art of tempura. Itadakimasu!


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